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    OmniOutliner stayed on computer?
    Sometime last year I downloaded OmniOutliner. I think it was the trial version off of their website?

    Well, the trial never expired or anything. So I've had it on my compter and I use it all the time and I love it.

    I want to update it, because there's a new version. But I'm afraid that if I update it the trial will expire and i'll have to pay the $40 for it?!?!

    Am I missing something? Or does it stay on there like that for everyone?

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    Open OmniOutliner and select Licenses... from the OmniOutliner menu. Do you have a license? Is an expiration date listed?

    I had an "Apple Software Bundle" license that does not expire. I just updated to 3.6 (replacing my old installation) and my license remained intact. Go for it.

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    ooh ok.
    Mine says "Macintosh Software Bundle".

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