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    cannot reconstruct iLife from Time Machine
    I re-install Mac OS X Leopard and I cannot reconstruct iLife applications
    from time machine
    What to do?
    I got free iLife with my Mac

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    You should be able to get your iLife application from your recovery disks.
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    did you try to just go to the folder on your time machine disk (not using the TM application) and copy the sources over to your new installation?

    That's how it worked for me. I just upgraded my MBP with a bigger HDD and wanted to recover everything using TM. Didn't work at all. I didn't even had permissions for files that TM copied onto my new HDD after the Leopard installation. Even after fixing those it didn't work. iPhoto opened with a message that I don't have rights for my iPhoto lib eventhough I changed the permissions.

    Long Story short: I just opened 2 finder windows, one for the TM disk, one for the new internal disk and copied everything by hand. Apps, docs, even stuff from the library to have my old codecs, emails, a.s.o.

    Installing leopard/recovering from the TM backup at the very beginning didn't work at all either... :-( For me TM is a nice tool to at least have a back-up but it doesn't seem to work very well in an automated way recovering data by its own

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