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    Office 2008 Compatibility
    FYI for all Blackberry Pocket Mac users...

    PocketMac software will not sync with Entourage 2008. I just called Blackberry as I was having "issues". They said that the next update should add sync functionality with Office 2008, but have no idea when the update will be completed or released.

    I am unsure as to Missing Sync's capability as I cannot find any contact number for them, have sent a technical support request but have yet to hear back.

    If we want this functionality to be high on RIM's list of priorities... we need to work the phones, e-mail and internet!!!!!!!!!

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    Mar 01, 2008
    Office 2008 compatibility
    Thanks for the info....I just switched to a Mac and my only issue has been with my Blackberry. I hope they take care of this soon!

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    I'm not too sure about Blackberry but Missing Sync for Window Mobile does not work with 2008 either. A real bummer as I find iCal very underpowered.

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