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    Finance and billing software
    I've been looking for a software i can use on Mac for billing. Well, I want to use to as a database to insert my clients information and know when to bill them again. Kindly, advice if there is any such software I can use...


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    billings is pretty good. you can search for it on Thats what I use for my freelance stuff.

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    If you don't mind playing around with the install - Simple Invoices works well.
    You can install it on a web server and have access to it from anywhere and
    it's free.

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    If you're just looking for reminder to send invoices, how about just setting up reminders in iCal? Also, if you can't find any good, free programs to do simple things like making invoices, it's not too difficult to make them yourself in Excel/Numbers. My friend who knows next to nothing about computers and runs his own business uses Excel to make his invoices and they look pretty good; simple and professional.

    This is one area where Mac software is seriously lacking. I think Quicken/Quickbooks is about the best thing available for professional financing, but I've heard nothing but bad reviews on it. I wish MS would port their Money applications over to Mac because they're pretty decent.

    If Apple wants to make some additional headway into the PC business market share, they need to develop some quality finance applications.
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    MYOB is a very good accounting program for professional invoices/accounts. Quicken and Quickbooks is just bad no good on Mac(Shame as the windows version is really good).

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    that's the only reason I have parallels desktop installed on my mbp. I just can't think about not having MS Money, as it fits my demand like no other software can.
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    Thank you all for the help.. I tried all the software you advised me plus some I picked up from the Apple download section. Most available software handle project management and freelancers (payment per hour). What I was looking for is more like a monthly subscription software, as in magazine subscriptions.. to maintain users information and keep track of their monthly/annual billing cycle...

    so, I just found some web based solution... am testing it and it just work fine

    thank you all for the tips

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    forgot to mention that MYOB is excellent solution.. but, its too expensive it is capable of handling monthly subscriptions.....
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    I really don't know if these would meet your needs or not but... here goes.

    Redlien Account Executive



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    Quote Originally Posted by andrebnu View Post
    that's the only reason I have parallels desktop installed on my mbp...

    Agreed. The more I play with my new iMac, the more I realize that eventually Quicken for Windows will probably be the only reason to keep Parallels. I'm still not sure how I feel about the look of the upcoming Quicken Financial Life for Mac (and I read its going to be pretty "dumbed down" with version 1.0):

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