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    Setting default font in Keynote presenter notes
    I'm trying to change the default font size in the presenter notes of keynote '08. I can change the font size each time I enter notes on a slide, but I would much prefer to set the default to the size I want and have it default for the entire presentation.

    Does anybody have any idea how to accomplish this?


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    Go into View >> Master Slides. Then you can actually modify the master templates to change the font size for every slide using that master in your presentation or in future slides. If you save the presentation (File >> Save Theme) as a theme then you can reuse your edited masters.

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    I've tried that. Unless I'm missing's not possible that way. I View>>Master Slides>>View>>Show Presenter Notes and then click on the master slide to make it active. When I try to click in the presenter notes area, nothing happens. The cursor won't move into the presenter notes field...thus not allowing me to modify the default font on the master slide.

    Am I missing something? This is in Keynote '08 by the way.


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