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    iTunes rentals - 24 hours is not enough
    Anyone else feel that 24 hours is not enough time to finish watching a movie you've started? It's good that they give you 30 days to start watching, but 24 hours to finish seems short. 72 hours would be more appropriate, I think.

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    I thought it was to short at first too. Then I thought about it. When I rent a movie I am probably going to be watching right then and there. When I start a movie I watch the whole thing. Once I've watched a movie, I'm good for a while and if it was so good I want to watch it more than once, I should own it.

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    I think it's too short. There are many scenarios you can come up with, but the best one is if you have a big family. Everyone wants to watch the movie, but in today's busy world you all may not be able to sit at the same time and watch, and maybe not even in the same day.

    I can't think of a good reason for the 30 days/24 hours scheme Apple has come up with. I mean, once you download it, their work is done. What's the difference to them of letting you have it 24 hours vs. 48 or 72 hours? It's not like they need it back to rent to someone else like a Blockbuster.

    I suppose they want you to hurry up and rent another movie, but even that doesn't really make sense because they're letting you hold it to watch for 30 days. It's just so weird! I just can't figure out the business strategy. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wAll when they made of these rules.
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    I agree it's too short, but that's what comcast gives you for on-demand titles so I'm kind of used to it by now. They don't even give you the 30 days though, after 24 hours it's gone.

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