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    Rosetta Stone
    So I bought Leopard and Rosetta stone. I have a macbook pro intel processor. I have seen that other people have loaded Rosetta Stone with no problems. I try to load it and it hangs on searching the hard drive. I dont know what to do. Any help please.

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    Here are two general things to try.

    I would open the Console app in the Utilities folder and look for errors in the logs. That might give a hint.

    Also you could try repairing permissions by using the Disk Utility app also in the Utilities folder.

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    Cool Rosetta Stone Data CD not loading in Menu Screen

    I just received Rosetta Stone (Dutch) as a gift and just couldn't wait for tech support to respond in a day or two! So, please consider my understanding to possibly be limited to my personal experience with MY disk.

    I'm using my MacBookPro running Leopard with all system requirements for Rosetta Stone to work. This is what happened when I attempted to install:

    1. Had tried the DEMO version for Dutch with no problems on this same computer. So I assumed my computer MUST be able to run the app.

    2. Got the full CD-Rom version 2 for the Nederlands. Then installed from the applications disk. Application would "not respond" after stalling at the splash screen. Noticed something weird. The old wrist-watch icon was appearing instead of the colorful spinning circle. First tip that something was amiss.

    3. Tested the very same disks on 2 other computers to rule out disk errors. Installed without issue onto a windows xp professional laptop and also on an old iBook G3 running Panther (10.3.9).

    4. As recommended from online help and other sources of information, I used the Disk Utility app from the original install DVD to repair permissions to my MacBookPro. Checked to have all previous versions of Rosetta Stone deleted (uninstalled). And installed again. But this time, I installed it on my hard drive at the root level (as in not in a folder.) App ran fine. Deleted it and reinstalled in my hard drive's "Applications" folder, not my home folder! And it runs the application fine. As in, the menu screen appears with minimal delay. BUT NO DATA.

    BTW, the only way I got the app to run while installed in my home folder's applications' folder was to keep the original install disk inserted in the drive. Of course, then there is no access to the Data disk. At least I could say that it OUGHT to run in Leopard, as the demo had run just fine as well.

    5. Attempted to select "Run in Rosetta" because Version 2 is not a Universal App and not considered compatible with the new intel macs. But the option was not available. I assume because my computer thinks it is not a PowerPC app.

    6. Opened so many "Get Info" files that I noticed some discrepancies. MY Data Disk in the "Get Info" window lists the format as ISO 9660 (Joliet). So I opened Disk Utility and checked there too. In Disk Utility the format is listed as ISO 9660 (Rockridge). Then I Googled the terms to learn.... But as I looked at the information more closely I noticed that in Disk Utility the "Number of Folders" listed was 0. Which doesn't make sense to me.

    7. So, I figured the Mac can read and run it, if on Panther; also windows xp on a pc; the application runs but for the data loading; and the Data CD-Rom mounts fine. I see folders and files, etc. But it's not cooperating!

    THUS... I decide to create a disk image set up as CD. I drag all the files from the original disk into my disk image. I name the disk image and the virtual disk that mounted the exact same name as the original CD. Then I burn a CD from the disk image as a "journaled" format which I know to be readable for all Macs.

    It works! It works! YEAH!!!!!

    So I'm just waiting to hear back from Rosetta Stone's tech support about sending me a new data disk that is not formated funny. I don't know if there was really a wrong format or a missing format. The data itself is generic... mp3 and jpegs and pngs. So there's nothing special about the data. Also, I noticed all the other executable files were similar in extension to other ones running the main app. So I figured those don't matter much neither. So it must be the disk format.

    The only thing to consider is that the application will ONLY look for data on a CD-Rom named exactly as they had named the corresponding data disk. It will not find the data on a hard drive or drive image.

    If you find this is what you're dealing with, I hope this helps! Again, this could be just particular to my disk. I'll post again if I learn anything new about this problem.

    Good luck!

    P.S. My homemade CD seems fine. Only thing I'm waiting to know about is why the speech analysis feels my Flemish speaking boyfriend pronounces the Dutch in the red-yellow range! So I don't think that part works properly, though it does work temperamentally. Otherwise, I've started learning with all the other parts.

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