I am using Entourage Vx with no problems and send, receive and do everything with it so know there is no connection problems with Exchange.

I am thinking of moving to the Mac Mail application to use as my email client although when i add my exchange account into mail i am having problems. All the details are put in properly but when i finish and press 'Synchronize Exchange Account' or 'Take Exchange Account Online' all I get is a dialog box with 'Enter Password for Account "Exchange Account" The Exchange Server "NAME" rejected the password for user "domain\username". Please re-enter your password, or cancel'

No matter how many times i enter the password the dialog box comes back up until i cancel it.

I have tried every combination of Authentication type and still no luck. I am out of ideas at this stage. I did find the following but not sure how to implement or even if this is the problem:


its the post at the bottom.