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    can't install pro application support
    let me explain my problem, when i try to open an application called 'logic pro 8'
    i get a message saying 'logic quit unexspectedly' i try to reopen, but it just hangs there and i have to force quit.

    i have read many posts concerning this issue, it seems others have had this problem too, i still can't find a solution. However, i found this issue on the apple support website. i was to download a program called pro application support. so i tried to do that, but when it came to install it i get this message
    (although this is not my screen shot, but i get the same message)

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    Sometime repairing permission resolves issues like these. I believe the second error a raises due to something missing. The pro application support is loaded are a pro application is installed.
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    i have tried repairing permissions, still nothing. i think im going to have to re install everything and start again. i will loose all my work.

    what does this new leapord time machine thing do? if i had that would this issue be reversable?

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