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    Question about Sims
    Now, I checked the specs of my MacBook and I have the 1st generation as you would call it (1.83 GHz, 512MB of RAM, 64 MB VRAM). I'm just curious how I can tell what my Video Card is. I'm planning on buying Sims and it requires an ATI Radeon 9000 and an Intel GMA 950 Graphics chip. I got the graphics chip, but not my video card. Will I be able to play the game without any problems? Would like some help thanks.

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    Your version should be the Intel GMA 950 so you should be fine.

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    I used to play the sims 2 plus a few expansion packs on my C2D 2.00ghz 1GB ram Macbook and it ran fine even on high. Only problem I had was with the university expansion pack when you would have loads of sims in one place it used to lag abit.
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