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Thread: MacBook pro maya 2008 bug?

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    Jan 07, 2008
    MacBook pro maya 2008 bug?

    I using a new MacBook Pro for maya 2008 and the UI isn't working properly. The shelf doesn't have any tabs to switch from shelf to shelf. Also some other things are off.

    I uninstalled maya and deleted all the prefs and then reinstall and still not working. Maya 2008 works fine on a pc but not on a Macbook Pro.

    Is anyone using maya 2008 on a macbook pro?

    Can you switch shelfs by clicking the different tabs?

    Is there anything else I can do to fix a messed up UI?

    Does maya 2008 not work on Leopard?


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    i might not be of much help, but my prof is running a macbook pro 17 inch and maya 2008 runs great. better than the lab computers i must say. he is running tiger which might be the reason why its not running into any issues. all the shelfs seemed fine and he was able to perfectly show demos using maya.

    although i can't say leopard may be at fault, it could be a possibility.

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