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    Problems with Madden 2008 for Mac
    Yeah...I just bought Madden 2008 for my MacBook at the Apple store today and after installing it, I've run into a problem. After the opening credits finish loading and it sends me to the game menu, only like a third of the screen shows the game and its spazzes out and becomes all blippy and I'm unable to see where the mouse pointer is in the screen.

    Then after I do press "Play Game," my computer shuts down the game and it brings me to the desktop and it loads Madden 08 all over again. I only have 512 MB of RAM and it says I need at least 1 GB or more on the requirement sticker that came with the game.

    So do I need to upgrade my RAM just to get the game to work?

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    Upgrading the RAM is a good idea, especially with 512Mb.

    I suggest you get 2Gb, which is fairly cheap. (under $70-100)

    as for running Madden 2008 on a Macbook, the only bottleneck I would think about would be the video card....
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    Wont work on a MacBook. It says on the site
    "This game does not support the GMA950 integrated graphics card"
    Which is what the MacBook has

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    I only have 512 MB of RAM and it says I need at least 1 GB or more on the requirement sticker that came with the game.
    Even if it did work with the integrate graphics, they don't put memory requirements on the box for fun, so yes, you would have had to buy some more memory.

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