Hi, I just bought Warcraft III ROC and TFT and so far its working great on the macbook, I made a disc image of TFT in Disc Utility and saved it in a folder on the HD, I set up Automator so that every-time that I opened up TFT on my desktop it would automatically mount TFT on my desktop and would let me play it without the need to have the CD in at the cost of HD space, now what i would like is to do the same with Halo it is the UB that I downloaded off macgamestore and burned to disc, thats fine and all but I can't seem to get it to work the same way I did with Warcraft, I can mount halo in Toast and it works but if I do it through Automator it just asks me for the CD but not when using toast, any ideas on how I could get it to work through Automator?