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    DiscTop: Where did the CD go?
    We made Disctop to bring a bit of fun in working with your brand new iMac G5, although it can be of use as well, and not only for owners of an iMac. Normally when you insert a CD in your Mac it disappears, but where does it go? They simply pop up on your desktop! After installing Disctop, your inserted CD or DVD slides in from the side and neatly fades back into your desktop picture. Now you always know if there's a disc inside, and what type it is. Of course there are plenty of things to tweak and make Disctop fit your Mac perfectly.

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    Looks like an amazing app. I haven't tried it yet (4MB takes awfully long on a dialup). But I just though you guys should know about it. I heard about it through TUAW, but many might not be frequenting there.

    They also have these special wallpapers which sort of show the internals of your mac faded in. So your disc looks like it's actually in there.

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    That wallpaper reminds me of one I have of my Powerbook... it's an x-ray of a Powerbook so you see the insides of your Mac on your screen.

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