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    does saving video require quicktime pro?
    I accidentally posted this thread under "Classic Mac OS". This is probably where it should go.

    Hi all! I'm a new member/mac user... first post.

    I would like to be able to download video from the internet and be able to save it to my hard drive. I noticed in Quicktime that you can only do this if you purchase the upgraded version "pro". Is there another software program or method of saving video without having to purchase this upgrade? Help appreciated... Thanks!

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    Well, I'm no authority, but I can already see...

    What type of video is it?

    If you are viewing the video in safari you can go to menu under window>activity then double click on the video file and it will save it.

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    Depends on the movie .. as the post above states. You can right click on the movie as it plays.. if its shows up as being a Flash movie then you cant download with QTime pro. (e.g. youtube and a number of sites use Flash video (FLV) format). You need a FLVR which is found by a google search.

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    Well, in this situation, I am streaming HD movie trailers from the apple website (I am playing the video directly in a Quicktime window). I would like the option to save them because streaming HD is very slow of course.

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    if the movie isn't embedded within an HTML file, there's a fairly easy way to download content. If you can navigate to the file through a link, you can option+click the link to download the linked file. This works with any file type.

    This is pretty much the same as right-clicking and selected 'download linked file'.

    I haven't streamed from the Apple site in a while, so not sure if it'll work or not. Give it a shot though if the link will allow it.

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    Thanks for the suggestions... still having problems though. Must be because I'm not still used to my new Mac. It seems that for quicktime native movies you need quicktime pro in order to download and save. I'm currently hunting other movie file types.

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