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    Showcase: Awesome Quicksilver interface!
    C/P'ed from Julius Eckert's website:

    This is a plugin for the application launcher Quicksilver, adding a new interface.

    The special thing about this interface is that it heavily uses the new CoreAnimation technologies introduced with Leopard (MacOS 10.5).
    It is definitely a nice eye-candy, so I hope you have fun on it, but for serious Quicksilver-Power-Users it might be a few milliseconds too slow.
    I must say, the interface is awesome. And contrary to what the author thinks, it is now slow at all! A few bugs here and there but it looks splendid.

    Also, while you are there, check out his other projects as well. Looks to be having a few tricks up his sleeve...

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    Very cool!

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    ye it looks great too bad im going to have to stich with the now *classic* sine im keeping OS 10.4

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