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    Temp files and Wiping Program
    Hey. I switched from PC's to Macs about a year ago. I am just wondering if there is a compatible program (BCWipe) or another that wipes the free space on my drive (to TRULY erase deleted files)?

    Secondly, on PC's there are folders and other places that store temporary files (normally .tmp) however, I'm curious where these files/folders are on my macs?

    Thanks a million!

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    I do not know of a program for free space but try this:

    You have say, 20.5 gig of free space. Use Disk Utility (Apps > Utilities) to create a disk image of 20 gig. Once it has done trash the empty disk image and erase, that process would have written over your free space.

    As for cleaning cache files, logs and other hidden system stuff try mainMenu it will even let you see invisibles if you want

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    Thanks! MainMenu works great! Also, went to disk utility and there is actually an option to do DOD specs (erasing, 7 passes) and other options as well. Thanks again!

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