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Thread: Problem attaching files for email

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    Problem attaching files for email
    I use the email software that came with my MacBook Pro. I am running OSx Tiger. For some reason, when I attach documents/images to my email, it opens the actual image in my text area. I am new to mac...and am used to my Windows Outlook adding the file icon in an attachment field. Is there any way that I can set up my email in mac to do the same?

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    There is only one solution

    Sending Graphical Attachments -- When you attach a graphical image to your message, the recipient of your message sees the image inline (that is, in the body of the message) if her email client supports inline display. ("Take Control of Email with Apple Mail" contains a table listing the capabilities of popular Mac and PC email clients.) If a client does not support inline display (or the recipient has turned off the inline display option), the file appears as an attachment that must be opened in a separate program.

    On the one hand, an inline image is easier for the recipient to see - all she has to do is look at it. On the other hand, inline images can be frustrating to scroll through. If you do not wish to send a graphical image inline, you must compress the file before attaching it

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