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Thread: Converting cd/dvd images

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    Converting cd/dvd images

    I'm new to mac, and I'd like to be able to convert various cd/dvd image files to different formats. This was easily done with winiso, or magic iso on windows, but I cannot find such a program for leopard. I'd like a program that can convert any image file to any image file. Disk Utility isn't flexable enough for me, as it can only convert to dmg files.


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    If you want a complete backup of a CD, you can create a CD/DVD master image (same procedure, just select CD/DVD master in type of image). That creates a CDR image which can be used in Windows environment and such.

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    a program that can convert any image file to any image file? OK why not get a copy of photoshop elements? or something free try GraphicConverter 6.0.3. Check out

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    ^^ LOL! I don't think he means Image in terms of pictures and photographs. Image here means an exact copy of a CD or DVD

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