I enjoy taking pictures with Photobooth, but I get really annoyed when I delete an image and the number of all my pictures gets thrown off. For Example, lets say I have 100 pictures taken over the course of a year. If I delete Photo 5, and then take a new picture, the new picture becomes Photo 5.jpg as a filename, but is 100 in the Photobooth thumbnail viewer. But when I go to the Photobooth folder and look at the pictures, Photo 5.jpg (a picture taken moments ago) is in the middle of pictures taken at the beginning of the year.

So my question is, Is there any setting, or program that will keep my Photobooth pictures in order. Ideally, I would like all of my images to be renamed if I delete a picture from earlier on. So that the number of the picture in Photobooth and the number of the filename (Photo #.jpg) are synced. Please let me know if there is anyway to make this possible. Thanks!