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Thread: Ichat problem

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    Ichat problem
    Hello ,

    I just got my first MAC .... actualy MACBOOK Pro 2,6, 4gb RAM... 17" 1920x1200 with Leopard.... and yes i have all updates and no Firewall
    I know that i am new to the whole system but i have some problems . One of the problems is with Ichat.


    1. When im connected to ichat i cant do anything with Buddies section, since every field is grey. I cant add buddies, i cant do nothing

    2. When my friend tries to chat with me we can do that..., but then when i try to add him on the buddie list after 1-2seconds his name dissaperes as i would never add him

    3. I also have a problem when i try to Share screen with my friend that im talking to. When i use this command my MAC says that my friend is not connected anymore.... but im still txt messegin with him

    Can someone help?

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    *Moved thread to appropriate forum - Not an OS X question but iChat*

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