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Thread: flash player problem

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    Jan 05, 2008
    flash player problem
    i have a power mac g4 w/ os 10.1 (bought used). it probably hadn't been online in a long time, so when i did put it online, i could hardly view any web pages because there wasn't a flash player installed.

    i tried to go to the adobe download site, but every time internet explorer tried to load the page, it "quit unexpectedly." same thing when i tried to download it from

    i decided that maybe if i downloaded firefox, it wouldn't quit on me and i'd be able to download the necessary stuff from adobe. however, the "download" button on the firefox website apparently can't be display w/ out flash. again, i went to to try to get firefox from there, and internet explorer quit, again.

    so, what am i going to do to get the flash player?

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    You will first have to download a version of firefox that works with 10.1

    see my entry in this thread

    they are regular links so should download fine, try 1.5, then 1.0

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    well, i went to one of those websites, clicked the link to download firefox 1.5, but it downloaded a bunch of text that opened in another i.e. window. what's going on?

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