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    Flight and Duel Clock Widgets??
    I'll be flying from new york to california and I was wondering if anyone knows of any good widgets that have a duel clock (one new york and one california).

    Also, does anyone know any really good widgets for checking flights etc.??

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    Um...there's a built in World Clock widget (you can pull off as many as you like, and set them to whatever locations you want) and a built in Flight Tracker widget.

    Though I'm not sure about a "duel clock." I think you'd have to goad one of the clocks into insulting the other's honor. Then it'd be pistols at twenty paces at dawn!

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    you could use 2 different clock widgets possibly

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    Is there any way to make the world clock widget digital instead of an analog display?? or is there a widget similar to "world clock" that gives this option?

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