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    iPhoto help
    hi, very new imac owner after gateway for many years. so im slowly learning my way through it all. not sure if this is the right place to post this question, but on our imac we have 4 different users, me, wife, and kids, we all have our own accounts. i downloaded some of my pics off my camera, but im the only one who can view them? i did go in the tab on iphoto and clicked shared also. is there a way that we can all see the photos? also, how do i attach a photo to a online forum/ or webpage?

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    this from apple maybe of some help
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    To upload a photo to a website, for instance, from within the iPhoto app, drag and drop the desired photo to your desktop and upload from there. Or you can use the Export command to do the same thing. Using Export will give you the option to select what size you want the photo to be.

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    I found if you have your iPhoto open (and have your mac set so your apps can stay open when you switch users) then another user opens iPhoto they can see your library as a shared item.
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