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Thread: Pop-up Blocker?

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    Pop-up Blocker?
    I'm new to Mac's, switching from PC and I used to use Ad Muncher on my PC but I can no longer do so on my Mac. It's because I can't run a .exe file, so I don't know.

    Is it possible to run .exe files on Mac's? or is there a separate program that I could use to stop Pop-ups.

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    .exe are windows executable files - they will not run on anything but windows.

    In Safari - click Safari on the menu bar and put a check next to 'Block Pop-Up Windows'. No need for some separate program.

    Opera has the same functionality built into it.

    Firefox has lots of available add-ons.
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    Welcome to Mac-forums, PoV.

    As others before me pointed out, .exe files only run on Windows.

    For heavy duty Safari adblocking in webpages, you can check out PithHelmet, Saft or SafariBlock 2. But in most cases, the Block Pop-Up Windows bobtomay referred to is sufficient for pop-up windows.

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    Firefox version 3.012 beta has a pop-up window blocker under 'content' in Preferences.

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    Yeah, I know but I still get pop ups on one of my main sites I go on and it's really frustrating.

    Yes, I use Firefox too with Ad Block Plus and I still get them.

    Anyone know the BEST pop up blocker add-on for Firefox?

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