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    Missing Email Attachments

    I am trying to diagnose an error for a client of mine, who uses MAC OSX TIGER 10.4.11 and AppleMail (version 2.1.2 (753)). I have never used a MAC but i think this problem must be down to a MAC setting by a process of elimination.

    I use CPANEL (version 11.16.0) webmail (specifically Squirrelmail) from a Linux server to acces my emails. I usually use IE 7.0 on my Windows XP Pro PC.

    My client often receives emails with picture attachments (jpg or gif). he will then routinely forward these to me, sometimes adding a word or two to the email. When I open my email I often see the name of the .jpg or .gif but there is no attachment there. Sometimes i see just a small shape where the file should be but i cannot open this. My CPANEL admin says this is likely an issue with some Mac setting as it does not happen when PC emails are forwarded using outlook.

    Can anyone suggest what might be causing this loss of attachments?


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    Any ideas?

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