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    Firefox problems
    For some reason, Firefox won't display my homepage properly on my new MacBook:

    It cuts off more than half the top of the page. Safari doesn't do that, nor does Camino, nor does Internet Exploder when I'm running Windows XP Pro on a dual boot (VMware Fusion).

    On the screen, one of the up-down scroll buttons is missing, and I can't find any way to restore it.

    Firefox doesn't do this with any other website, just this one. And I've used Firefox in the past and this didn't happen. I've deleted Firefox and reloaded it, with no change in the outcome.

    Any ideas on how to fix this?


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    Try un-installing and reinstalling firefox
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    works fine for me

    have you been testing the site with firefox?

    Try clearing the Firefox cache

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    Looks fine here... maybe you have a weird extension loaded?

    (picking nits... VMware Fusion is not a dual-boot solution. It's a Virtual Machine environment.)
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