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Thread: I need an alternative to iTunes - I hate it

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    Quote Originally Posted by dtravis7 View Post
    Back in my PC days I used to use Winamp, Musicmatch and later Media Monkey for a bit. ITunes came out for Windows. I tried it and have never looked back. This was on XP Pro on a Home Built AMD 64 system. When I got my first G4 and 10.2-10.3 I continued using iTunes and for me it's hard to use anything else.
    then you would be the perfect person to ask this
    i like itunes too...but being used to winamp in the past...i keep having the urge to "enque" a track after the current one playing...obviously this cant be done on itunes....any work around for this? basically i want a particular track i found while browsing my library to play automatically right after the one thats playing...the only way i have figured to do this is by creating a playlist...was wondering if there's an easier way...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aptmunich View Post
    It sounds like some of your issues (2, 3, 4) with iTunes could be resolved with a few of Doug's Applescripts for iTunes.

    Search on his site for the Parser script...
    Most of your issues, and many more besides can be sorted out with the scripts site Aptmunich mentions

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    Most of your gripes are correctible in Preferences. I have to say part of me thinks the OP is bating. iTunes is a great app, minus the DRM issues.

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