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    I want to edit and add some nice effects to movie clips and videos. Would iMovie would fine? If I like it, I may want to look into getting Final Cut Express HD. Could I edit regular film clips and stuff along there?

    Also, I think I have iMovie 08. I got my Mac a few months ago, before Leopard, but its a C2D.

    How successful is iWeb? Can I compare it to like Dreamweaver, or is it for simple designs for blogs and whatnot.


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    iMovie 08, while having a neat interface, comes a little short since it lacks any effects. However, you can get iMovie 06 for free from which allows you to add effects and transitions. It's pretty good for non-professional use.

    As for iWeb, it is nothing compared to Dreamweaver. iWeb is for those who know nothing of web design, but want to have their own website. Dreamweaver is a professional tool for professional websites.

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    Alright, thanks.

    I use Dreamweaver now, and remembered Apple has something, but it didn't seem professional.


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