signed up for dot mac today. sent some emails over to my new account.

then, i set my iphone to use the new dot mac account. within a few minutes i was reading those same emails on my phone.

then, i deleted some of them...from my phone.

my dot mac mailbox never did reflect that change. no sync.

so, then i get home and start mail. set it to use dot mac account and tell it to sync. it does. i read some more emails and delete some. add some addresses to address book, etc.

i open dot mac and there is no sync. still shows deleted emails and no new info in address book.

i go to preferences on the desktop and do a full sync. it gyrates and looks like it's done what i wanted.

check dot mac....still no sync.

then i look at my iphone, which at that time was not on wireless, but on the edge network. it appears to have synced with mail, so i think that in the 15 minutes since i told the desktop to sync that something has happened. i check dot mac and still no sync.

just plugged iphone in and of course address book and mail synced, etc.

i have a mac mini about 6 months old, osx 10.4.11.

can someone help me out of my ignorance?