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Thread: Terminal issue

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    Terminal issue
    Hi there,
    One of our users is having problems with the terminal.
    When opened, a small (10x5) window opens and displays the red "traffic light' button and thats about it.

    I've tried to fix this by the following:
    * Tried changing the window layout (currently set to 10 columns and 5 rows or something rediculas) - made no diffrence
    * Tried deleting the plist which holds the settings for the terminal
    * Tried changing the font which terminal uses to arial and others, no change
    * Tried 're-installing' terminal, removing it and replacing it with a known working copy.

    Any ideas on what to do from here?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Re-enable the font Monaco. You don't have to use it in Terminal, but it must be enabled in the system.
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