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    Can I use a mac to check an external hard drive for viruses/spyware?
    Hey guys and gals, I'm wondering if there is any programs out there that I can use to run a virus and spyware scan on an external hard drive. I want to hook it up to my mac before I hook it up to my PC to make sure that there isn't anything that can transfer over to my PC. Please let me know!!


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    Antivirus apps for Mac pretty much scan for Windows viruses, not because Windows viruses can affect OS X, but to prevent you from spreading them to Windows users. So all you would need to do is get an antivirus program for Mac and tell it to scan the external hard drive, and you would be set.

    Another option is for you to install Windows via Boot Camp and then scan the drive using a Windows antivirus program. But if the drive does have a virus, there is a slight risk of infecting Windows on your Mac.

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    Awesome thanks! What anti-virus program would you suggest?

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    ClamX is a free open source antivirus app for os x

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