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    Unhappy PREVIEW CRASHED MY PHOTOS!! when I modify them!!
    I just downloaded a few photos from my Sony DCS-T100 but this matter or problem has happened with others photos already in my hard drive and from another digital cameras or devices.

    I selected 2 photo from DESKTOP and opened it in PREVIEW option. I selected show SIDEBAR.
    Then I selected one of them. I get its INFO: JPEG, 2.2 MB. All It is OK!!!
    Then I tried to modify it using ADJUST COLOR, (PREVIEW MENU). Moving slidebars from COLOR ADJUST function properly (except one time when suddenly the photo thumbnail being modified becomes BLACK, ALL BLACK and even though I was moving contrast, etc, nothing function. I had to press COMMAND-Z to revert all changes.

    Well, this last event happened one time. But, usually modifying color doesnt get BLACK the photo. BUT, after the photo is modifyied, when I try to compress it using SAVE AS in PREVIEW MENU, THE SAME PHOTO appears as 350 kb!!! AND I HAVE NO ADJUSTED SIZE yet, NOTHING!!!!! I put the slidebar of QUALITY in SAVE AS MENU in MAX QUALITY and I never can obtaing the original size of my photo selected in SIDEBAR OF PREVIEW.

    In another way, when I adjust size, in ADJUST SIZE... option in PREVIEW MENU, after y modify the color of my photo, when computer says: calculating size...
    my original photo, no-size-modifyied yet shows about 250 kb (in example) (original size 2.2 MB). And 250 kb is showed as the maximum valor possible of size to my original photo!!!!!

    In whatever way that I choose, if a save the modified photo, the new file appears like a BLACK PHOTO, ALL BLACK, or as a dark photo with some lines, cubes, no form!!! You can not look at any trace from de original photo!! totally altered!! I lost one of my beloved photos, weeks ago, because after I modified the colors, I pressed command-S to save changes, and when I opened that photo again, I appeared as a black box with some geometrical figures in white, there is not a standard pattern to appear.

    please test at this order:
    1. SELECT 3 OR 4 PHOTOS from your desktop or any folder in your mac
    2. OPEN ALL 3 OR 4 PHOTOS (prefereably 1 - 2 mb per photo) in PREVIEW
    3. OPEN SIDEBAR option and select any photo
    4. OPEN COLOR ADJUST...Alt-Command-C
    5. Move a little the slidebar: EXPOSURE to your right or left. A little.
    6. Then move a little the slidebar of the opposite direction that you move EXPOSURE.
    7. Until this moment all changes that I do appears into the photo!! BUT
    8, THEN, (IT LOOKS LIKE THE MATTER) move the slidebar of SHARPNESS to any direction.
    9. the thumbnail of the photo being modifying turns BLACK!!! OR black with some triangle or another geometrical figure generally in white.
    10. It appears as SHARPNESS slidebar comes "lock" and if you continues moving it, no changes the BLACK BLACK, BLACK PHOTO.
    11. Thumbnail becomes Black BUT THE photo in preview (the bigger photo showed usually still remains normal!!!!!! until you save the changes!!!
    12. The only way to revert this BLACK PHOTO, is command-Z (if you have not saved changes of course!!!)

    When I was trying several times, suddenly PREVIEW crashed and quits unexpectly, showing this report. (I dont know what it means, it ONLY has happened one time!!! But the last three things that i was doing when PREVIEW crashed were when photo became black, and i was trying to revert this!!!

    THANK YOU!! Excuse my english, I am just learning!!! I sent the report to apple.


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    *Moved thread to proper forum - Not a question on design but OS X software troubleshooting*

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    Dec 24, 2007
    my laptop spec...
    intel core 2 duo 2.2 GHz, 2 MB RAM
    120 GB HDD, Nvidia GeForce 8600M GT
    MACOS X 10.5.1 Leopard

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    This iteration of Preview has a definite tendency to crash. However, it has not yet lost any photos. It comes back up and opens the photo that I was working with. Yes, it has also turned black for me too or given me a grey photo with lines. Very weird. Someone here suggested that I shut down just before I think Preview is going to crash. It works more and more slowly prior to a crash. I hope Mountain Lion has a fix.

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    I need a fix for the black photos that Preview is giving me. Seems to happen when I use it to lighten a photo. Anyone?

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