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Striovatti 12-30-2007 10:55 AM

I recently decided that i need to have windows on mac for some programs that arent available on mac. I do not have bootcamp, and am wondering if the hardrive that parallels created is safe and separate from my mac hardrive. I figured i would be pretty scared to use a windows without any virus protection and have it mess up my mac

any takes on this?

Lifeisabeach 12-30-2007 12:22 PM

Well without 3rd-party software, Windows (and all its viruses) can't even read the OS X partition, although the more viscious ones could format it I suppose. Just get anti-virus software for Windows and make sure it stays updated.

You may even want to get some AV software for OS X just so you can scan the Windows partition for viruses from a "safe" location. The reason I suggest this is that no AV software is bullet-proof... some viruses deliberately attack and disable AV software before that software may have been updated to recognize it. The AV software in OS X, being essentially immune since Windows viruses can't even see it to begin with, may still catch stuff your Windows AV is missing.

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