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    Dec 20, 2007
    migrating from outlook on the PC

    Im a new mac owner and am in the process of getting all my data ready on my old windows PC to transfer it across to my new imac.

    The only thing stopping me from getting rid of my pc right now is email!

    Can someone please advise how I go about getting all my email moved from Outlook (part of office 2007) over to my mac so that I can continue to access my old emails?

    Im hoping there is a freeware email app available, as I dont really want to have to go and fork out for MacOffice (or what ever the Mac version of office is called ).

    Any help here would be most appreciated.



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    Dec 20, 2007
    Ok, so Google is your friend!

    I found O2M from littlemachines, have done all the stuff I need to do on the PC and will transfer everything over to my Imac tonight.

    Hopefully that will be painless!



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    White MacBook: 2.2 Core2Duo, 120GB HDD, 1GB Ram, Superdrive.
    Please do let me know if the program does what it is suppose to ;-).

    Thank you, merry christmas and a happy new year.

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    Yes, Ive got my mail migrated across to my Imac now.

    As far as the program itself goes its fine. It does everything it says it does but I did have one issue with the software. I had lots of emails with invalid sent dates, which I was prompted each and every time to either let the program fix it or ignore the error and continue. There really needs to be a way of automating this because if you are moving a large mail .pst file this could mean you will have to be at your PC for ages becase each time the question is asked everything halts!

    The only other problem I encountered was trying to import the .mbox files in to Thunderbird is not intuitive and in the end I gave up and just imported everything in to mail on the imac!

    So I now have all my emails from my windows PC set up and sorted in the same folders as I had set up in Outlook. The world is a happy place at the moment

    The real benefit of moving my emails over is that I no longer need my Windows PC! As of this morning I have cleaned the hard drive up, removed all the software no longer required on it and its now ready for donation to a mate of mine who is still running a Pentium 2 computer at home!



    ps. I must go and check if my contacts came across. Ill let you know how I go.

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