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    How do I Install things?
    Yeah so...

    I put the disk into my Mac but it doesn't load up like on windows so how do I get up the installation options?

    Please help.


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    Press C when booting and hold it until it starts from the cd/dvd. Then a window should appear asking you to chose language etc.
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    I was holding down c from the time I inserted the disk and nothing seems to come up.


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    install things???

    I assume you are talking about installing applications....

    See this thread.

    Go down to the 4th post and read thru - need to look at the pics also....

    Will be the same if installing from a disk... if the disk is not showing up on your desktop after you insert it - open a Finder window, then click on Finder in the menu bar, then click on Preferences - under "Show these items on the Desktop:", put a check next to CDs, DVDs and iPods
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    I'm trying to install my printer and drawing tablet but I don't get that volume thing come up...

    all so confusing.

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    You might consider heading over to your local Apple Store. Undoubtedly some of the training courses there would be worth your investment. And they'll be able to help get your printer and tablet working too.

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