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    Mail problems. Currently using Entourage
    I'm a NEW MAC user. It's been 3 weeks. I've been able to transfer everything over myself from my windows laptop including itunes, mail, contacts docs etc... My 1 issue is now that I'm using Entourage instead of the mac mail that came with the computer how do I set that as my default? Every time I try to send a photo from Iphoto and hit email it brings up the mac mail and not the Entourage? This also happened when I received a class confirmation from apple. It asked if I wanted it added to my calender and it went to the calender that came with the computer and not Entourage. Any help would really be appreciated. BTW I LOVE my MACBOOK. Best $$ I ever spent (and I went through 3 laptops in 6 days 1st one had a cracked case, 2nd a bad hd and now I'm on my 3rd.)

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    Its a strange one this

    The default mail application setting is actually in Apple Mail.

    You will have to open Mail, you might possibly have to go through all the settings before you can open the app

    Once in go to the preferences and change the default app

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