Been trying to play some good ol' Doom lately, using the PrBoom engine. Several months ago, I was using it with no problem. However, recently, when I try to play it, I'm getting a weird problem. On a regular basis (Once a second to once every 10 seconds) I will be unable to use my keyboard in-game for anything.

I can still use the mouse to control things, and I have no keyboard problems with anything else. I've tried getting rid of the program, and it's folder in the Library (~/Library/Application Support/PrBoom/), but to no avail, and it seems to still be storing more info elsewhere, as the things I have open in the launcher stay the same. I have also tried with different WAD files, and have used one of them in zDoomz on my palm pilot, again, with no keyboard problems.

Does anybody here have any ideas on what I could do to fix this, or have any idea where other configuration files could be kept? Searching for either boom or PrBoom in spotlight returned nothing useful.