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Thread: Help iTunes!

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    Help iTunes!
    Hey All, Just Bought A New Ex Hdd For My Mac, How Do I Get It So That When I Want To Play Music Through Itunes, It Doesnt Then Create A New Folder In "music"?

    Basically I Want It So That It Only Plays Music When The Hd Is Plugged In, Rather Than It Dragging All The Files Back Into Music Everytime I Play Them!

    Please Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Here's what you do. Copy your iTunes folder inside the music folder over to your external drive. Then, launch iTunes. But just as iTunes is launching, hold down the Option/Alt key. It will allow you to select your library. Just point it to the right direction (your itunes folder on the external drive) and it should detect it. From thereon, whenever you add media to the iTunes library and such, it copy it to the external drive.

    Another alternative is to manage your files yourself. Go to iTunes > Preferences > Advanced and uncheck "Copy files to iTunes folder". Now whenever you add files, it will just create a link. So you can have all your music on your external drive in the way you want it (folders and such), and iTunes will just link to them

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