Ok so i just bought the new 20inch 2.4 GhZ iMac and im now running on Leopard, and now i need some games.

I really dont know what games are good but ive researched and found the following are highly rated:

-unreal tournament 2004

-Tom clancys rainbow six 3 athena sword.

-command and conquer 3


Although most of these games are simple to buy "Tactical-ops" seems near impossible to find anywhere on the internet to buy for a Mac, although i know for a fact you can get it on a mac. On a certain website it said somthing about downloading a launcher, buying the game in PC and then it works :S, I know near to nothing about this subject so i need your help, if anyone knows or has this game on their mac can you tell me how or give me links to buy or get it on here.