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    canon software and mac os x
    I have some canon software that i want to put on my mac. It says minimum requirements 10.4 or later i have 10.4.11 mac os x. but it won't work i put the disk in it whirrs around then ejects it. I know its not my optical drive as the sims 2 works fine. this as happened with every software c.d i have and i don't know why. My system meets the requirments it just seems my c.d drive can't read the c.d.

    Is there a setting i can adjust etc. any advice is welcome as i am very frustrated.

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    *Moved thread to proper forum - Question has nothing to do with OS 9/Classic*

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    Strange I used to have EOS utility installed on Tiger, have you checked the disc for any knocks and grime?
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