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    Question Quicksilver Question - hopefully easy!!
    I'm sure I'm missing something blatantly obvious, but I've Googled for the last 2 hours and I'm running out of ideas...
    Basically what I'm trying to do is create a trigger to copy a selection of items to a certain folder.
    The closest I can come is the "Command Window with Selection" - which I have made a hot-key for, but this keeps bringing up the dialog box where I need to manually go through and choose "copy to" etc etc.

    The folder I'm copying to will always be the same destination - as it's my "files for printing" folder. So basically I'm just trying to make a hot-key where I can select any certain number of files, hit the hot-key, and they are all copied into that folder.

    Surely I'm missing something - it seems like it should be an easy one!
    Thanks in advance for suggestions

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    Did you try automator?

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    I had a little experiment with automator but I can't say I've ever used it before - so I wasn't sure what it did...
    The closest I could come was to make a "workflow" to copy to that particular folder, but then if I saved it as a 'workflow' it would just re-open automator when I clicked on it... not really sure where to go from there...

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