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    Web Design Software

    I'm just getting into using a Mac and I'm looking for some good Web Design software. I'm good with HTML, but I'm also a bit lazy and would like something more like frontpage. My only issue with using software like frontpage is that they usually create way more code than necessary making it tough to navigate. I like using open source software, but am willing to spend a little if the software is really worth it. Any suggestions?



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    Dreamweaver is the industry standard and creates decent code , and you'll find it much easier to use than the awful code breaking frontage.

    If you want to go the open source route then Nvu is your option, not at all bad for free software.

    GoLIve (now discontinued) is also good as is Freeway (if you prefer being kept away from the code

    If you delight in hand coding sometimes then the text editor BBedit is a must

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    Whoops ... nevermind

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    Heard a lot about Panic's Coda but I haven't tried it myself. Interface looks pretty cool.

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    I use Dreamweaver CS3, if you are going to be doing alot of work with HTML the cost pays off. You can obtain a free trial from the Adobe site.
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    Thanks for all the info! I'm going to get the trials of Coda and Dreamweaver, and also download Kompozer (which is guess is basically Nvu), but I doubt I'll be buying Dreamweaver.

    Let's hope that Kompozer is all I need!

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    Coda ain't got no Wizzywig editing. It's all about the Code...and I love it!

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