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    Question Event planning software?
    I don't really know where to start looking, so I am posting here. I have done numerous searches and found a lot of event planning software for Windows. I need Macintosh event planning software.

    Something like this only for the Mac.

    Basically we have an events team on staff that uses Macs and they need to be able to layout spaces for events easily. I will also state that using CAD software is probably not optimal as there is a large learning curve for most CAD software.

    I am specifically looking for software that will let our events team map out spaces quickly and easily.

    Thanks for any assistance.

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    Software that you should use is Google Sketchup (free app)
    I'm not sure about the event management software but I would suggest you to test Google Sketchup, it's very good. Good luck

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    Unhappy Event Design Software for the Mac
    A bit late - but I just found this and I am also looking for the same thing. Vivien looks wonderful, I had actually just looked at their demo before reading your post, but of course it is only for Windows and apparently they have no plans for a Mac version.
    So I guess it is back to the long way of doing it all manually in Photoshop and Illustrator unless... hopefully you did come up with an answer?

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