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    The Security and Retro Screensavers
    Anyone knew about this? The two screensavers, Security and Retro were there in the BETA builds of leopard and were removed from the final version.

    But they are still there in the Leopard DVD:
    /Developer/Examples/Quartz Composer/Compositions/Screen Savers/

    Just have to copy them over to Library > Screensavers and you are on your way.

    The security one is pretty cool. Takes snapshots using the iSight as and when there is a moving subject in front.

    The retro one puts on a sepia tone and stutters the desktop image.

    For those who don't have ready access to the Leopard DVD, here are the files in a rapidshare upload. Mods please remove if this is inappropriate although I don't see why.


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    Cool. btw, do you know whether it is compatible with Tiger?

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    Nope. I think they rely on Core Animation for their effects which make them incompatible with Tiger...

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