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    iTunes Switch to New Mac Leopard From Old Mac Tiger with External Hard Drive
    I currently have my iTunes set up on my older PowerBook with the iTunes preference library set to be my external hard drive. I have no idea have to transfer my music files to my new desktop with Leopard without losing all my playlist and play counts which are really important to me. I've seen a lot of times, but since my library is on my external hard drive I haven't been able to access it using the Migration Assistant. Does anybody have any tips. I've tired dragging my files from my external and also the add library from my external, both when directly connected to my new comp. It seems to me that I somehow have to use my iTunes on my laptop when connected to my external because that's where the iTunes software and (I'm guessing) playlists and play count information seem to come from. Help!

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    Jul 22, 2007
    oh no... I'm guessing nobody has any info! Does anybody have a similar problem?

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    hey there,
    I guess its kinda later to ask.. you've probably figured it out by now,

    I have the same problem now :S

    I upgraded my hardisk to 160 GB, from 60 GB,and stored the whole "iTunes" folder (together with the library, album artwork, music, everything), into my ipod (I'm using that as my external hardrive). WHen i add to library, I get a mere 1000 songs, and none of my playlists are available!

    Did you manage to solve your problem?
    Help would be much appreciated! Thanks!

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