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    Microsoft WORD; English language issue
    My office doesnt have a Canadian english setting, so I was wondering if there are any Canadians out there (or Brits) who know whether UK English is identical to canadian or not. I realize it is probably closer, but is there a reason why Canadian english was left out, it really gets annoying having to add all the words to the American dictionary

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    If color is spelt as colour in canadian, and apologize is spelt as apologise, then yes, canadian is more towards UK...

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    you spell apologize in canada. are you sure there's no canadian english? isn't it one of the defaults? but if you're canadian and don't have canadian english you're kind of in-between.

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    ya apologize is with a Z, so i guess its a bit of both. Oh well, I was also surpirsed not to have it as an option especially since my older version of word for my PC has it. Oh well microsoft strikes again, i wonder how much time they put into their mac products, I would be suprised if it was a whole weeks worth of work

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