OK, so i'm a new computer science student and I really enjoy programming and all the assignments i've been given thus far. However, I'm sick of having to go to a lab on campus to use Microsoft Visual Studios 2005 to write my programs. I've tried reading through the Xcode documentation and cannot catch on to just build a project like I would in Visual Studios. So, can someone please transcribe or refer me to a useful explanation of this and please DON'T refer me to the Apple Developers page because i've covered that already without much luck.

I just want to be able to know how to do the equivalent of:

-Creating the equivalent of a new Win32 Console project with the source file being a .cpp file

-Being able to build it and have the errors and warnings show like they should

-And then how to run the program and (presumably) have my code run in the command prompt like it does in visual studios.

I fear the Xcode just has a steeper learning curve than Visual Studios and I understand it is NOT Visual Studios, so i'd obviously assume some things will function differently. I don't care, though, i just want to be able to program efficiently on my mac and build and run everything like I would on a PC instead of having to run to one of the research labs on campus.

ANY insight is greatly appreciated.