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    Backup software other than iBackup?
    I have two 320gb external hard drives that I use to store all of my ripped DVD's on. They are exact copies of each other (one goes with me on the road with my Macbook Pro, the other stays at home hooked to the XBOX 360). Right now, whenever I rip a new DVD I have to copy it from the first hard drive to the other. I've tried using iBackup to basically make the 2nd HD a backup of the first, but it randomly disconnects the first HD from the USB port and then immediately connects it again. Does it quickly, but it's enough to make the backup worthless. If I manually copy the files over (even doing all 132gb the other day) it works just fine, but if I try to use iBackup to do even a single won't make it all the way through without disconnecting the first device.

    What I'm looking for is a nice (free) backup program that will recognize what files are on the 2nd device so that it only copies over new things and deletes things that are no longer on the 1st device. Any suggestions?

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    Have a look at carbon copy cloner or superduper. Both will do what you want.

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    thank you very much

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