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    iwork08 vs. Office 2008 or Office 2004
    Which is better? Pros and Cons? Please share your experience. Thanks.

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    posted before. Don't feel like typing it all out here again...

    (Btw, I'm with iWork)

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    iWork has a more "Apple" feel... It has all the main functions of Office 2004.

    Office 2004 is also very good.

    I have both on my computer. I use Pages and Word more often. Pages does feel better to use.
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    Hi, at times I have to do PPT presentations for work and I hate PPT. I am trying to use the trial of iWork08 with Keynote, export it to PPT, and open it in PPT on a PC using Office 2008. It won't open my file. Is it b/c Keynote doesn't write to XML? Any ideas to make this work? Thoughts? Thanks!

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    Way... way too many specs to list.
    I've had 0 problems exporting keynote presentations to ppt and opening them with office 2003 on the pc or 2004 on the mac. I don't have office 2008. Have you tried opening them in a different version of office? May actually be an office bug.
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    Actually, I read somewhere that the presentation notes cause issues, so I took them out of the the PPT file that I opened in Keynote and exported it for PPT. It now opens in PPT 2008 on my PC. Both files (with and without the notes) open in PPT 2004 on my Mac. Hmmm...I'll leave the notes out I guess and add them at the end in PPT. I'd rather use PPT as little as I have to!

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